Introducing Derwent Advisory

The new decade has brought unprecedented disruption.

Streets lie deserted, factories have closed their doors, and skies that teemed with aircraft are empty. Many cities, even nation-states, find themselves paralysed. This is our Great Depression.

The world will open for business again, but it will be a very different place.

This is a time for bold new thinking - and also a time for judgement and discernment. In-depth knowledge and expertise, a creative mindset, and a willingness to exercise the imagination: these will be critical to navigating the months and years ahead.

Derwent’s approach draws on our partners’ experience providing counsel and advice, across the world, at the highest level of governments and multilateral organisations, industry-leading CEOs and blue-chip companies.

Our expertise covers business and geo-politics, through long-term positioning and crisis management, and our advice has influenced boardrooms and legislatures as well as factory floors and villages at the grassroots level.

It is this experience and expertise, built over decades, that makes Derwent Advisory unique. We do not rely on junior associates. Our services are provided by us, the partners. We provide the solutions and strategies. We provide the analysis and write the speeches.

There is no doubt that this is a profoundly challenging period, but there will be enormous new opportunities for those organisations prepared to think ahead. If you share this vision, you need us to help navigate these challenges and shape the future. We are here to talk.

David Bond Sholto Byrnes Mark Seddon

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